Autor: Harrison Owen
ISBN: 0-9740498-1-6

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211 pages, paperback




Basic to the Practice of Peace is the understanding that the organism is its own best healer, and the power behind that healing is self-organization. Organism in this context means all living creatures and entities: You and me, all of us, families, neighborhoods, cities, companies and countries.

The Practice of Peace involves initiating, sustaining, and in some cases re-starting, that fundamental engine of our existence, self-organization. The heart of the Practice then is to consciously apply the power of self-organization. Practically, this means doing a very simple thing: Open space wherever, however, and as often as you can. Using Open Space Technology is a good place to start.

Every moment of the day provides an opportunity to create the conditions for Peace. To see these more clearly and to use these opportunities takes some insight and preparation and basic approaches and an understanding that this practice is a lifelong journey. This book has all this to offer including a detailed introduction to basic skills for Peacekeepers such as “Never work harder than you have to”, “Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke” and, the most important “Never delude yourself into thinking you are in control”. In addition exciting and delicious examples from everyday life illustrate the Practice of Peace.


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