Autor: Harrison Owen
ISBN: 978-1-57675-617-1

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Leadership for High Performance in a Self-Organizing World


246 pages, paperback



"Wave Rider" (2008) is about leveraging the power of self-organisation for high performance in all sizes and types of organisations. Harrison Owen shows that self-organisation is the most powerful force in organisations but a force that is often muffled by well-meaning yet constricting management and leadership practices. “Wave Rider” addresses those that are challenged every day in their organisations, those that navigate through chaos and conflict in a constantly changing environment in the quest for a high-performing system… alike a wave rider in the quest for the perfect ride. And, if the "...wave rider thinks she/he is in control of the wave she/he is out of business...“ It is the combination of skills and natural forces that produces the perfect ride.

Harrison Owen presents eight steps and the conditions that make space and support the natural force of self-organisation to do its work 24/7. While this is ongoing practice in a variety of places around the globe it is by no means mainstream… the journey towards high learning and high play continues.

“Wave Rider” is one of the essential things to pack for that journey.


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